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Zhejiang Xingda Stationery Co., Ltd


For more than 20 years, we have regarded innovation as an endless pursuit and ingenuity as the inheritance of our perfection. The responsibility is our unremitting concept. Xingda Stationery has forged a glorious history in the name of Xingda with the pursuit of excellent product quality and the highest satisfaction of users.

Since 1997, Zhejiang xingda stationery co., ltd. has started from the manufacture of a single utility knife, expanded its factory building and set up a research and development center to complete the butterfly transformation in 2002, and then sold more than 100 million yuan in 2014. After more than 20 years of precipitation and growth, Xingda Stationery has grown into an export-oriented company focusing on the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of art knives, and with its strong technical advantages and efficient production capacity, it has gradually become an advanced enterprise with strong influence in the industry.

In recent years, Xingda Stationery relies on its own core technology, with the development concept of "innovation and prosperity, global access", focusing on the design and development of art knife series products. At present, Xingda Stationery has two independent brands, KAIDA (Kaida) and USEN (Yusen), and has won provincial and municipal famous brands for its excellent product quality.

For a long time, Xingda Stationery adheres to the quality standard of "users in my heart, quality in my hands, customer-centered, and satisfaction as the goal. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and strictly implement the ISO9001:2015 management system standards, under the premise of continuous improvement of the quality management system, through the BSCI and BEPI global certification; to ensure that customers are provided with satisfactory products and services. In addition, Xingda people have dreams and witness a growing new, advanced and modern special enterprise with you. Xingda people insist on continuous innovation, take the lead in using precision stamping technology in the industry, and reshape the products with exquisite technology The highest value. Therefore, the high-end alloy knives, carving knives, shovel knives, carpet knives, office stationery knives and other products in the name of Xingda are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, constantly expanding the brand territory, and are deeply trusted and affirmed by customers.

Today's Xingda stationery grows in harmony and sincerity, and expands rapidly in efficient innovation. All Xingda people are willing to win the support and trust of customers at home and abroad with "high quality and attentiveness" service. In the future, Xingda Stationery will strive to build a well-known brand with more connotation and become a leader in the art knife industry with full enthusiasm and high morale. In order to achieve a win-win situation, it has been on the road. Create value for customers and empower them infinitely.

1997 Year

The company was created in

1 Billion

Extended production line

80 +

Serving Countries and Regions




Starting from a simple single art knife


The establishment of research and development center, product transformation to plastic and hardware combination and other types of art knife


Expansion of modern factory building, introduction of alloy knife body art knife


Access to provincial and municipal well-known brands


Breakthrough development, product implementation of butterfly transformation


Access to high-tech enterprises


Breakthrough development, look to the future



A Brief Introduction to Xingda Culture

The minimalist expression of Xingda culture-"Chuangxing, Tongda". Chuangxing: It is a never-ending step and has been on the road of struggle. Tongda: Global access, travel around the world. Day after day, year after year; Xingda people are on the way to realize "innovation, prosperity and global access" in continuous exploration.

Every day when dawn comes, Xingda people begin to travel to a wider world for their imagination.

This is the mission of Xingda people and the motto of enterprise development.


Understanding of Xingda Cultural Concept System

"Xingda cultural concept system" includes: corporate philosophy, basic concept, values, corporate mission, corporate vision and other factors, into a network structure.

The Core of "Corporate Philosophy"

Quality Huixing Da, Pin Building the Future

Quality Huixing DaIt embodies a full range of quality awareness, covering: literacy quality, skill quality, responsibility quality, product quality and other factors, all-round benefit Xingda people, Xingda culture, Xingda products.Building the FutureWith our all-round high quality, we will escort the future of enterprise development and ensure the future of all employees. The two complement each other and are inseparable, forming the two elements of Xingda's corporate philosophy.

The "Basic View" of the Xingda People"

"Heart, sincerity, sincerity" is also called "three-heart view"

Heart-to complete each piece of work

Sincerely-treat all customers

Sincerity-Accept everyone around you

The "Values" of the Xingda People"

Dare to be the first, self-spur

For Xingda's values, dare to be the first, innovation will always be the first; self-encouragement, higher standards of self-demand, is a more detailed embodiment of corporate philosophy

Enterprise Mission

Value:We are not only committed to creating value for users, but also for the society, enterprise employees, brothers and partners to create value, summed up as: customer benefit, social responsibility, employees rely on, partners win-win.

Objectives:Let every product made by Xingda Zhizhi bring its own light.

Corporate Vision

Adhere to a hundred years as one, long-term planning, to achieve industry leader

The Meaning of "Logo"

The outer circle-broadly understood as the meaning of the world, another embodiment of the Xingda people's spirit of "group cooperation" and "never give up".


1. Xingda means to go global. 2. Vision: peace and prosperity

Pigeon wing shape-represents our corporate products, meaning "innovation"

OverviewThrough our development concept of "innovation, prosperity and global access" and the cooperation of the team, our products are like doves of peace in the sky, constantly striving to fly, go global and go to thousands of households. What's more, we look forward to a peaceful and prosperous scene wherever our products go.